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AWS Cost Optimization Meetup - slides and information

On 23rd May 2017 I presented at the inaugural AWS Cost Optimisation meetup at the AWS office in Sydney, Australia. I’ve uploaded the slides from that presentation to SlideShare. Mike Fuller from Atlassian also presented with more details of their ‘golden’ solution for billing file manipulation. An interesting solution for sure and I’m looking forward to the tools being open sourced in the next week or so. Hopefully Mike’s slides will also be up soon.

AWS Cost Optimization Meetup

A new community group for AWS users who have an interest in cost optimization is starting up in Sydney, Australia. The first event will be in mid May 2017 (exact date TBC), entry is by invite only and requires registration at this link: Speakers at this first event will be myself and Mike Fuller from Atlassian. I hope to see you there! More details from AWS: Hosted by AWS cost optimization and billing specialists and customer subject matter experts, this meetup series is designed for AWS users who want to better deal with the complexities around cost optimisation and cost management, especially those that arise from operating at scale.

AWS Cost Control - Designing for Cost - go Serverless!

In most AWS environments, the compute costs - generally EC2 - are a significant proportion of the monthly bill. A couple of years ago we would have just shrugged and said ‘well of course, compute is expensive and every project needs it’. Well it doesn’t have to be as expensive any more. When designing solutions you now have three main options for deploying compute resources. The standard way is still EC2.

AWS billing tools

There are plenty of AWS billing tools, both free and paid, out there. I’ve not (yet) tried them all but this post details ones that I am aware of with some commentary on those I have used. This post was last updated February 2017. Tagging tools For enforcement of volume and snapshot tagging I have used Graffiti Monkey. This looks at instances and propagates the instance tags to all associated EBS volumes.

Spend Less on AWS! AWS Cost Control training course - now available

Become a Cost Control Guru - and Spend Less on AWS! Over the last 8 months or so I’ve been working on a video training course for A Cloud Guru, all about AWS Cost Control and I’m really excited to let you know it is now available! The course covers nearly five hours of content across 23 lessons and lectures. It’s available here and is on sale until the end of December 30th for US$24, with a big promotional push coming in January 2017 where it could be priced higher (sorry, I don’t set the pricing) - so best to grab it now.

A guide to re:Invent 2017

I’m getting in early with possibly the first guide to AWS re:Invent 2017, written just a few of days after the end of re:Invent 2016. This article is based on my experiences from attending re:Invent in 2016 and 2015, traveling from Australia. I have some general tips on visiting the US, and I’m also a keen (but slow) triathlete so I’ll add some information on swim/bike/run opportunities too. I hope this will ease your way to re:Invent 2017.

Christmas cost cutting with AWS

Christmas is an expensive time of year but it also gives you an opportunity to reduce your cloud costs. Here’s a post (originally from Christmas 2015, updated for 2016) about how to cut your AWS spending over the holiday period. Christmas comes but once a year Now it’s here, now it’s here Bringing lots of joy and cheer Tra la la la la You and me and he and she

On 23rd May 2017 I presented at the inaugaral AWS Cost Optimisation meetup at the AWS office in Sydney, Australia. I’ve uploaded the slides from that presentation to SlideShare. This presentation was a very cut down version (timeboxed to 30 minutes) of the training course that I deliver for A Cloud Guru - the full course is about 5 hours long and is just US$30 - you can buy that course from the A Cloud Guru site - AWS Cost ControlAWS Cost Control).